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    I have been having the strangest problem syncing my playlists with the pre and can't seem to figure it out. It started with doubletwist when I tried syncing my two favorite playlists which originally came from itunes. All the music would sync over but only half the songs would actually be retained in the 2 playlists. I got sick of trying to figure it out and since tried media monkey and JR media Jukebox. With both of those apps the music will come over but the playlists won't at all. Is there some back door fix that can be done for this?

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    Having the same issue with doubletwist.

    When I drag & drop the playlist from my computer to the Pre+ (Verizon), the songs move but playlist does not.

    Once, I was able to get the playlist moved, but it only contained one of the 20 songs in the playlist.

    The playlists were originally made on itunes and I had doubletwist "update playlists from itunes" when I started it up.

    Any help in getting a playlist copied from itunes to the Pre+ would be appreciated.

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