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    % of developers interested in developing for WebOS:
    June: 13%
    March: 14%

    Top reason developers interested in WebOS favor it: HP opens a wide range of web-connected devices that could be powered by WebOS (60%)

    Top reason developers not interested in WebOS don't favor it: HP/Palm is too far behind Apple and others, and I do not see it successfully catching up (73%)

    Porting to multiple platforms is biggest developer challenge (31%). #2 is development (21.7%)

    To me it seems like the biggest developer challenges are handled pretty well by WebOS and its PDK and SDK, so the overwhelming issue is the fact that WebOS is plain behind in features. Can we make any conclusions about the success of the SDK hot apps contest?

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    Basically another way to rephrase the reason to developers are not in favor of WebOS is:

    "WebOS doesn't have the same capacity and userbase as the Apple/Android market and, therefore, not worth my time to port over since my monetary gains are far less."

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