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    I made the mistake of upgrading my Pre to 1.4.5 this afternoon. I tried to uninstall Multi Mod without success before the updating.
    After the updating, the listed items Preware screen "package updates and Available Packages" are greyed out. Which means it is no longer possible to install Homebrewen apps thru Preware. What to do now?
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    It's the same even if you are on 1.4.1. I just done an update feeds and it fixed the issue, have you tired that?
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    After a restart of Preware this morning, all the greyed out items appear normal again in Preware. I immediately proceed to updating all the apps and re-install patches that had been removed before the OS update.

    Following update errors encountered:

    Luna Manager: failed, "Invalid or missing url parameter"
    Multi Mod and Ad Blocker: failed, "Unable to run command: IPK_OFFLINE_ROOT=..."

    It is not possible to remove them either.
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    There is a list of patches that needed removing before the update and one of them was the Multi Mod. No idea how you could fix that sorry But I am sure someone may be able to help on here.

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