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    Hi All,

    Just got the Verizon Pre Plus a couple weeks ago and started using Doubletwist to sync music, pics, etc. When syncing over my music my Pre randomly disconnects from Doubletwist so I have to keep re-connecting to get more music over. It will not stay connected wether actively syncing music of just sitting idle waiting for me to sync it.

    I've uninstalled Doubletwist and reinstalled and that has not helped. I've removed all remnants of Doubletwist from me Pre as well before the reinstall. Any thoughts?

    And, can't I just drag and drop my mp3's instead of using Doubletwist? What's that adavantage of using Doubletwist as opposed to the drag and drop method?

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    Both methods are very similar. Doubletwist is just a better way of managing large libraries of music, but if you know specifically which music to sync over then drag-and-drop is always a good option.

    Are you using the OEM Palm USB cable? Try a different USB port.

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    Some new info: I've noticed that my Pre gets disconnected from my computer and that's the reason that it disconnects from Doubletwist. I can click on and see Pre on the E: drive but there are no files there. The mintute before there are files there. Doesn't matter which of the two USB ports I'm using on my laptop and I'm using the OEM cable. Any help is appreciated.

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