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    So, my Pre is in the UK repair centre. Has been there for about 8 business days now. Appears the hold up is finding someone to make a decision to fix the fault or replace. The fault is that the touch screen is no longer a touch screen which makes it pretty much useless.

    Apparently, according to the agent I spoke to, its a most unusual fault and the 3rd level techs are interested in looking at it.

    Now I don't mind this kind of interest, but this is the 2nd time the Pre has been back to the repair centre (different fault) and the 2nd time that I have had to chase it to get it returned.

    I am currently based in Italy until Wednesday when I leave the country and will be without a home town for the next 2 months (I run a yacht in the Mediterranean). I don't have high hopes of the phone catching up to me.

    So Palm - Make the decision - Swap the phone and then you can play as much as you like with the broken phone. Stop P**ing customers off. I am very close to ordering a competitors product (first time in 8 years of Palm ownership that I am even thinking of it) and telling them not to bother returning the Pre despite how much I love webOS.

    /rant off
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    my wife had 2 pre's that the touchscreen stopped working. Had insurance so gave a replacement the same day.

    sorry to here you are haveing trouvle with your pre and palm.
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    Its not the hardware that is the problem. I have been in the IT industry way to long to know that hardware fails... The problem is Palms reluctance to admit the fault and move on... They know I have a shipment deadline otherwise there is the chance of of missing me, but they just don't seem to understand or agree to it.

    To top it off, my employer is very close to Apple, so you can imagine the pressures I get from there as well!

    Oh well... lets just see what happens...
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    That has not been my experience. In my case, Palm shipped my replacement phone to me with a postage paid return label and envelope. I was never without a phone. It seems like, in the US at least, they are simply sending out refurbs and then repairing the phones to ship out to other customers.
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    From what I've heard and others have been told, touchscreen failure has been around since the original launch on Sprint. Palm has acknowledged this fault long ago, and provided replacement Pre's whenever the fault has occurred. Add their position that the Pre is generally a non-teardown and repair device, replacement for this particular problem is automatic as long as the phone is still under warranty. Sounds to me like ownership of the delay in getting you a replacement Pre lies with O2 UK.
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