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    I notice faster speeds with wall charger over touchstone, but haven't run official tests
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    Between the wall charger and the Touchstone, I believe it's about the same, but the USB over computer charging takes AGES.
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    Are you using the official Palm car charger connected to that TS? The reason I ask is because I recently took a trip and lost battery while using my Palm charger w/o TS using nav,but gained using my iGo charger running Pandora later that day.
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    TS just as fast as wall charger, I can have both Pandora and the Nav app running while driving and my TS keeps my Pre at 100%. Very efficient way to charge my Pre and I don't have to deal with cable thingy.
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    I have noticed no difference between the TS and directly from the wall.
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    both should be delivering 1000ma, so any difference would be if there was a loss of power in transferring through the magnet.
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    wall outlet 1,000 ma
    USB 500ma
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    Quote Originally Posted by sherryterry1 View Post
    Last night my battery was getting low & I had 10 mins before I left the house (to watch fireworks!).
    In these situations for fast charging on a deadline I always reach out to Airplane Mode. I can sacrifice being disconnected for a few minutes while in a safe place to ensure the most battery is available for the uncertainty of the road.

    I haven't run any tests but I'm always surprised at how quickly it charged when I put the phone on Airplane Mode.
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    The direct USB connection will be the fastest for a quick charge. A car USB charger will be quicker yet in most cases. Consider that the Touchstone charger inductively couples the same power supply into your phone. The coupling loss of this method will reduce the efficiency of the connection. Direct copper is always faster.
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    Hi, just wanted to bring my take on this.

    After several attempts to charge my Pre2 with cable, either with it's original plug (1A) or even with my Touchpad's (2A) I found that after a fair amount of time (a few hours) my phone would still be far from fully charged, but I'd make it home, placed it on the Touchstone and within 1/2 it would easily be much better charged, most time a full 100%.

    So today, I did it again... forgot a Bluetooth active connection to my stereo headset that I was using with my Touchpad, and it drained the battery to 30%.

    So I plugged it in and left it on for over ten minutes and when I checked, no change. I expected at least a 1-2 % increase, but nothing.

    So I went and grabbed my Touchstone from my car, and plugged it in.

    10 minutes and a full 10% increase up to 41% from 31%.

    It's been about an hour now and I'm already at 98%.

    So either I have a faulty micro-USB connection (I tried multiple cables) on my phone, even though it will eventually charge, and have no trouble to connect to a computer... so I wouldn't believe it to be faulty.

    In case someone mentions that it's possibly a "over-powered" Touchstone... I have 3 Touchstones, and it's the same for all of them.

    Just to say that I hate and avoid plugging my phone anyways (unless I have to to upload videos/musics) so it's no biggy, but it's still interested for me to see such a huge difference.
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    I see a pattern...
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    wall charger > touchstone > usb to pc > usb to laptop
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