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    I installed the myflashlight app from preware and it isn't working. When I take pictures the flash still works so that isn't the problem.
    Is anyone else having this problem?
    how can I fix it?
    are there any good alternative flashlight apps that turn the flash into a flashlight NOT the screen?
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    LED Torch in preware works best for me,
    as for your issues have you tried re-installing.
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    I believe that myflashlight app requires a service to be installed as well.
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    yeah I tried reinstalling and rebooting but no luck.

    I thought it migt need some other service but when I reinstalled it there was nothing extra installed and usually it will automatically add whatever else is needed.

    I will try led torch. Thanks.
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    Both My Flashlight and LED Torch require installation of the accompanying service.

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    they are both working now after I installed led torch. Led torch installed the extra service I needed. Thanks

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