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    Im guessing it takes more than a year, but didint Palm anticpate a need for new hardware after the Pre release...Not good planning
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    It was all about resources and lack of them, but i agree, the Pre & Pixi are dinosaurs.
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    it can be done in as little as six months, but companies usually take alot longer.
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    Resources are one thing and plans are another...I cant imagine how long they thought the PRE and Pixi can live as the companies only devices
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollabak009 View Post
    Im guessing it takes more than a year, but didint Palm anticpate a need for new hardware after the Pre release...Not good planning
    I'm fine with my pre for now. It does the job I want, they are working on something awesome. They don't wanna mess up like apple. Just chill.
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    Trust me I've been patient, but they have to be able to keep up....hopefully HP will help with keeping up with the market
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    HP has already indicated a number of times that the Palm roadmap would remain in place for some time. That implies that there is, indeed, a roadmap in place. I think that Palm has a number of designs ready to go (and who knows, maybe even one or more already in production) and has simply been waiting for the HP acquisition to close to determine a release date. Put another way, I don't think there's any doubt that they lacked the resources to release a device themselves, and since they've been looking into an acquisition since at least March it makes perfect sense that they haven't released a new device by now.

    If we don't have new hardware or an announcement for it by October, I'd start to worry. And I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear relatively soon (say, in the next few weeks) about new hardware to be released in the late August-early September timeframe.
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    Palm has probably been working on the next gen device for a while now, but the HP distraction delayed the launch date which was probably slated for June. Now we are gonna get a device that is equal to the Nexus One in power... I'm not being hopeful in the capabilities of the next gen device's power at all. Anything is a jump over the original Pre though so I will be a loyal user and go upgrade.

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    i wonder what they got in mind? because i doubt its going to be on the level of Evo, droid x, Iphone ect.
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    I think the hardware is ready. They must have planned with this to even have a chance to keep up.
    I think it has just been held back because of the merger, and it might get an update now (better CPU) with some HP cash to be up to date when they launch. They now know better what their target is (iPhone, Evo). A new iPhone won't be out for the next 11 months.
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    HTC churns phones out like nobody's business. Do you want Palm phones at that pace? I personally don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarlesLT View Post
    HTC churns phones out like nobody's business. Do you want Palm phones at that pace? I personally don't.
    I think Motorola is beating HTC out on new devices. Because alot of HTC's stuff is just cloned hardware with different body plates over different carriers. While Motorola has a different Droid every few months as well as other lower end devices.
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    I expect we will hear something on July 12th. Phil Mckinney is going to do HP's keynote at MobileBeat2010.
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    If Palm had new hardware ready to go, wouldn't they have announced it prior to the acquisition to boost the sale price? After CES 2009, Palm stock went way up.

    They must have something coming, but I don't think it is close to market yet. They did not want another long stretch between announcement and launch. I am hoping for a new device by year's end.
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    it takes longer to make the operating system. With hp they can crank up the volume
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    it takes longer if you want it to work in either hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Human hardware takes nine months. And that's nature doing most of the work.
    do you mean that 9 women can't make a baby in 30 days?
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    Really it doesn't take long from an engineering standpoint to create a new device for the typical manufacturer. Notice Apple is able to develop and ship a new device in under a year. HTC spits out new devices like no ones business.

    The fact is, making a new headset is really nothing more than picking which internal components you want to cram into the headset a la carte. It gets a little tricker than that when you consider form factor, manufacturing logistics. market pressures, and economics. Palms abnormally long period between phones is likely due to the uncertainty surrounding the company. It would have been silly to get too deep into preproduction when the company might have folded or lacked the cash to handle the launch. Now my guess is anything they had been planning is in need of a redesign considering how quickly the market changes.
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    I'm sure we will hear something soon. Now that the HP buyout is over, they should be able to open up to the public with whatever they have been working on behind closed doors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Let me quote myself:

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    actually its god doing the work... Jeez, haven't you read the bible?
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