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    i wonder what they got in mind? because i doubt its going to be on the level of Evo, droid x, Iphone ect.
    All Palm has to do is match these phone's specs and up the build quality and the beauty of the OS will do the rest, along with decent marketing this time. The trick is to get the tech world excited about the phone and that will trickle into mainstream media and the like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfroelich View Post
    If Palm had new hardware ready to go, wouldn't they have announced it prior to the acquisition to boost the sale price? After CES 2009, Palm stock went way up.

    They must have something coming, but I don't think it is close to market yet. They did not want another long stretch between announcement and launch. I am hoping for a new device by year's end.
    But if Palm announced new hardware all sales of the current gen phones will stop dead, why do you think Apple waits until the last possible moment to announce a new phone? Plus, do you think ATT, Verizon and Sprint will want to buy the new phone if they still have huge amounts of stock left from the last generation?
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