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    Hi there,

    All applications are up to date on my Pre but "Updates" applications says:"Application updates are now available"

    But there is no any application waiting for update in Application List.

    Is this a bug???

    My pre has 1.4.5 and unlocked GSM QWERTZ.

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    I read some place HeartBeatz can help you with this problems. (he works for Palm)
    He resides here:
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    Hardbeatz can tell you which apps are the problem - he can't help you if, as in my case, an uninstalled app is no longer available in your country's app catalogue....
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    Same problem when application list empty.
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    instead of using the updates app to check for updates just open the app catalog app and hit the little shopping bag at the bottom right of screen to see if there are any updates . the update app always says there are updates available .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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