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    Ok. I'm going to post the dreaded 'me too' reply... Have not had any other major issues over my first two months. This problem takes a little fun out of the experience. Vzn is no help.
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    Usually see that with a really bad signal. Restart?
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    if your in roaming it won't send MMS.....
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    I'm in a 1x signal only area right now, tho it is 5 bars, and sent a mms with pic and it worked. How is your signal? I'm wth sprint, using a pre
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    I had a bit of spare time at work so I decided to test this out. I even think I remember a couple not sending last week... didn't think much about it tho...

    i powered down and let sit for a couple minutes. powered it back up, and made a message.
    I attached one of the stock backgrounds to the message and typed "let me know if you get this..."
    I sent this message to myself, my sister on VZW, My mother on At&t, and a friend of mine on At&t. Hopefully I'll have an update in a couple minutes...

    Update: And they all got the message...
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