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    So I was at my friends house and I pull out my phone and see an "R" in the top bar. I have a basic plan without data so I thought "this can't be good". A quick google seemed to show that this stood for roaming. I don't know if I get charged for this but I would rather not take the chance and not use it.

    I remember I turned off data last September when I got the phone via the phone preferences, so I opened that up and the menu is very confusing and I no longer have the option to change things like roaming / data.

    Under the calls section it seems to be "Reading From Network" forever (the spinny thing just keeps going).
    The voicemail number is blank
    "Lock SIM Card" has a spinner that goes forever
    Under Network it lists Netowrk Auto-Select, then Bell Mobility twice, then 3 blank spots which I can tap and turn dark grey but nothing happens then it says Data Usage, but there is no toggle or anything.
    Later down it says "Update PRL" under Preferred Roaming List. Again there are no toggles anywhere.

    I jut remember this menu being a lot nicer / with things I could toggle on / off. Restarting the phone doesn't do anything. I have v1.4.1 and Bell Mobility 1.8 configuration.
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    in the phone prefs is there a network section. if so, there should be a voice network pref. tap and you should get a couple of options: automatic and bell only. do you have something like that. if so, choose bell only. that will force your phone to only choos bell towers and not roam onto other towers.
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    Why would you buy the Pre without data? =S
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    "Lock SIM Card"? Bell Pre's are the original CDMA version and don't use SIM cards at all. Something has gotten corrupted, you'll either have to doctor it (connect to Wifi and run the Backup app first, it won't save your patches/homebrew but gets your App Catalog apps and contacts/calendar/tasks & memos backed up at least) or use Jason Robitaille's excellent WebOS Repair Utility (will only reverse your patches and corrupted OS bits but leaves homebrew and all other data alone).

    For reference the Phone Preferences menu on my Bell Pre (also webOS 1.4.1 / Bellmo 1.8) shows Phone Number, When Typing in Dialpad, Calls, Dialling, Dialling Shortcuts, Network (shows Bell Mobility, Voice Network, Data Roaming, Data Usage), Accessibility, and Preferred Roaming List sections/options, followed by a Reset Voicemail Count button...

    Edit: Personally I'd recommend the Repair Utility, but the doctor is the official method and a bit easier to use (though far more damaging to the personalized content on your phone...)
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    Dethredic, you installed the phone log patch or whatever its called.

    Even the CDMA one does NOT work with Bell, remove it.

    Then the problem will go away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    Dethredic, you installed the phone log patch or whatever its called.

    Even the CDMA one does NOT work with Bell, remove it.

    Then the problem will go away.
    Thanks a ton. worked great.
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    Thanks Dethredic, once I removed the "Call Duration in Call Log" patch it now works fine!!!

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