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    Does anyone have any insight on how to make the Linux version of Veetle Player to work on the Pre? The Veetle site now allows Safari browsers to stream the videos, however, the iPhone spoof doesn't work. That would be great if it did...
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    as there aren't any replies, i'll assume you haven't gotten an answer yet.but I'm looking for an answer to this too. Can anyone help us out? I'm tired of my wife asking if my pre can do this or that. Has anyone gotten it to work? Thank everyone.
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    With 2.0 around the corner, I'll be happy to stream Flash. will be great once Flash is enabled. I really like the aspect of never missing a sporting event. NFL on Sprint was okay for the NFL Net games, but like an ***** I invested into VuiVision to watch major networks. Now I'm completely out in the cold. I find it very dissapointing watching UFC on my wifes EVO.
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    yeah I'm in it for my steelers, I'm in ca so it's hard to get a televised game. What happened to vuivision? It was cool for the beta and now it's all really old stuff. That and that pwnage tv app too, nothing works anymore. I heard of but I can't figure out how to get shows and stuff. Yeah with 2.0 flash will be great but I was excited to get veetle going and was disappointed when I tried it. Hopefully webos will catch on with HP's $. I gotta find someting for tv in the meantime.
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    Mr. Whitby since you are the WebOS genius, do you have any insight into how difficult it would be to make a WebOS linux version of Veetle Player?
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    this will be great if we can get beetle for webOS
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    Honestly I'd prefer to have sopcast player... chances of that?

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