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    Quote Originally Posted by IGNTNUNLMTD View Post
    The only thing I can add is that I sometimes do drop my Pre, just as sometimes I dropped my other palm devices. Not off of a ten story building, but my Pre has seen a fair share of misadventures, and I've had to remove the battery and reboot it(itself a major benefit) and it still works fine. I don't use it for target practice and don't take out my frustrations by throwing it. But for every day bumps and drops I have seen no evidence that the Pre is any less sturdy than the other phones I've used.

    Oh, my company phone is a ATT Nokia, It wouldn't get signals when the Pre could and after dropping it once or twice finally started dropping almost every other call. It is now set to forward to my Pre for all calls.
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    I haven't dropped my latest Pre+ yet but something still broke. The speaker died leaving my phone useless for spekerphone and as an alarm clock. I only used the speaker for taling while driving, alarm/ringer, occasional yt video, and the first time I try to watch a video it dies.

    I really must be doing something wrong here.
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    When I called to talk to a Verizon rep last week while setting up my account she was very ho-hum about the Pixi+. I said that I was ordering 4 Pixi+'s and she said "Oh did you research them? We have many other options available..." then she started to say "such as" and I stopped her. Said I already have a Pre and was not willing to leave WebOS for anything but wanted to give the Pixi+ a try. She said "Ok since your mind is made up" and then went on with the if you hate your new phone you can bring it to a store and get something else deal. I dont know if I would say she was anti-Palm but she definitely wasnt telling me I was making a good choice either. Ha! What does she know?
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    I had a similar situation to what you guys are describing over at Best Buy. I have a Sprint Pre and wanted to get a 2nd one for my wife. The Best Buy dude was trying as hard as he could to talk me out of it because it just wasn't a very good phone. In the end he did talk me out of it, but only because it is still $150 on Sprint while it's cheap everywhere else. Someone please explain why it is so much cheaper on every other network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luzce View Post
    I had a similar situation to what you guys are describing over at Best Buy. I have a Sprint Pre and wanted to get a 2nd one for my wife. The Best Buy dude was trying as hard as he could to talk me out of it because it just wasn't a very good phone. In the end he did talk me out of it, but only because it is still $150 on Sprint while it's cheap everywhere else. Someone please explain why it is so much cheaper on every other network.
    I suspect a few reasons:
    1) Until the Evo, the Pre was Sprints flagship device. You can't have a cheap flagship without looking cheap yourself. Sprint was the only [US] company to make the Pre a flagship device so the other carriers didn't need to suffer embarrassment if/when they cut prices.

    2) Sprint can't afford to subsidize to a lower cost. The company is in the red and isn't raising its package costs so they need to keep money vacuums small. This on top of the number of phones that get returned may make the money hole already to large.

    3) They want to push people to the Evo with the sales pitch "It's only $50 more. It's not a year old and has more features."

    4) Sales of the Pre at $150 are stable enough to sustain the current inventory until the estimated release date of the next WebOS device. Saves money since they don't need to order more Pre's and they still meet the inventories estimated profits.

    I think has been a combo of 1, 3, and 4. Before the Evo release the main reason was 1 but now I think the main reasons are 3 and 4.
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    The Verizon store I went too wasn't advertising webOS, but the salesperson didn't try to talk me out of the Pre (of course, she didn't know the difference between capacitive and resistive screens), but only the Pixi + was on display. I have a feeling that the Pixi is being sold as the messaging smartphone that the Kin was supposed to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drahgon View Post
    All i am going to say is I have had many phones more than most people over 10 including the samsung instinct and the samsung upstage(both considered bad phones by many) and now I have had my 1st generation-right when it came out-Sprint-palm pre. I have NEVER i repeat NEVER had to return/exchange/replace ANY cell phone i have had (except once it was the first color flip phone to come out on Sprint)

    I know how to treat my phones plain and simple. They dont crack,twist,bend,get dropped, dont leave them in the sun, drop them in puddles. Therefore they never have problems. There are no bad batches..just bad users. some ppl say they are on their 5th Pre...REALLY!?! I GUARENTEE you are doing something wrong. A phone cant protect itself from you. Its like some ppl want phones built like rocks.
    You are so wrong sir! Every Pre I returned (8 of them) did not have a scratch on them, never dropped or put under the sun or water. Each one failed because of hardware, bad keyboard, screen went black no matter what I did to fix it, etc.

    Even if you don't like it, the Pre has major build quality issues and the fact your phone does not have issues does not mean anything to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Do Verizon or ATT reps replace the phones? The reps at Sprint don't. They have a department that handles phone replacement. The reps have nothing to do with it.
    I think some folks on here are kinda making things up as they go... but that's just a guess.
    Say whaaat?? Here in SoCal we have regular Sprint sales stores and there are Sprint stores that also serve as authorized repair centers. All the reps at the repair stores handle phone issues (hardware fixes, replacements, etc.) while they also deal with sales. The reps take the phone to the repair guys in the store and they decide if they can fix it or if it needs replacing.
    The only thing the reps have to do with it is basically logging the issues into the computer, and also sending in the request for a replacement...
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    To everyone saying its the users breaking the Pre not the Pre being crap hardware I say its a little of both. I am on my 6th

    1st -> Navagation bugged out and got me lost so I chucked it = My fault
    2nd -> Screen went blank for no apparent reason. No drops, nothing = Pre's fault
    3rd -> Cracked screen. Not sure how but obviously = My fault
    4th -> Power Button got stuck. Not sure how = Maybe my fault. Maybe not.
    5th -> Too many drinks, woke up and power button not working = No idea how so no idea whos fault but probably mine.

    Now im treating number 6 like a baby, trying to keep it lasting until Palm finally comes out with something new.

    Point is, there are known hardware issues such as crappy power buttons on the Pre and too many users with issues for it to always be user error...

    As far as VZ avoiding trying to sell them, the average cell phone rep for any carrier I have dealt with knows less about Palm phones than my mom (who uses an iPhone) so I would never listen to their suggestions... I do my own research first and buy what I want.
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    I was pretty happy with the response from my Verizon rep at the local store (hadn't been there before, new here). I told her I wanted to buy a Pre Plus, and she said "that's a pretty nice phone." She made a mention or two about the operating system being good and easy to use. She didn't make a peep about the other phones, or ask why I wanted the Pre. She seemed pretty well acquainted with it too, set up my user account and showed me how the phone worked without any hesitation.

    Regarding the Pre owners who've had multiple failures, that's an unfortunate situation that I'm sure isn't justified regardless of the use, because I'm sure most folks wouldn't hurt phones to the point that four or more of them died, without learning how not to hurt them. That said, if someone goes back for another one after the second one dies, that says a lot about the quality of the phone when it is working. If someone goes back after the fifth, that says even more. It lends credence to the theory espoused by another member earlier in this thread that the operating system is amazing enough that putting "superphone" hardware on it would be enough to sell it to the masses.
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    wow they so hate the pre 2 in the store my boy just returned his iphone 4 after 4 days he hated it he a blackberry guy told him he def love the pre 2. the techs and manger was knocking the pre2 but could give him a answer why it sucks saying because its palm. Then i step in whip out my pre same one going strong since day it came out. Then i ask now what really wrong with the pre 2 guy didnt have any answers. Def hope to god that hp never has new phones on Verizon because there doom then sales rep are brain washed bad. Def cant understand people hating on palm/hp phones hands downs best phone i have ever had.
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