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    Got a replacement Pre and have activated it (hence de-activating the old one)...

    Now I need to erase my personal data on the old phone...but...when I turn the old one on it asks me to login to my profile which I can't do because there is no service on the phone! I'm stuck on this profile login screen...can't get past it!

    So..does anyone know of a way to get past this profile login screen so that I get in there to erase my data?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Dozens of existing threads on the subject.
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    I did find a recent thread which suggested the following:

    1) Turn your Pre completely off. If you can't turn it off, remove the battery to kill it. If you have to take the battery out, leave it out until I tell you to put it back it.
    2) Plug your Pre into the USB port on your computer.
    3) Press and hold the volume up button. Do NOT let go of the volume up button until I tell you to.
    4) Turn on your Pre. If you had to remove the battery, put it back in now.
    5) Within a few seconds at most, (maybe instantly) you should see a large USB symbol that fills the screen of the Pre. Once you see that symbol, you can let go of the volume up button.
    6) On your desktop run the WebOSDoctor.

    I was able to perform steps 1-5 with no problem. I was not able to run WebOSDoctor from my desktop. Not sure what the issue is there.

    I guess I'd like some kind of warm, fuzzy that if the SUPERSIZED USB icon is displayed then all my data is indeed erased from the phone!

    thanks again.........barrel
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    Quote Originally Posted by barreloflaughs View Post
    I was not able to run WebOSDoctor from my desktop. Not sure what the issue is there.
    Dozens of existing threads on that subject as well.
  5.    #5's Saturday! Please don't force me to work on Saturday! I HATE working on Saturdays!

    Besides, it is my wife's phone! Why the hell do I have to do this while she is still sawing logs!


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    Then get a Nokia.
    Nokias are great for the lazy.
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    ...Nokia was a breed of dog.


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