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    Stupid question of the day:

    What's the silver button-looking thing on the front of some Pre's? My screen protectors that just came in even have little holes in the front for them.

    Just curious...Thanks!
    I wish I still had my Pre Plus. I miss it.
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    I wonder why the Pre's don't come with them anymore.
    I wish I still had my Pre Plus. I miss it.
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    Guess Palm thought the phone looked cleaner w/out it. I never use it.
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    The palm pre plus doesn't carry the silver button anymore. The palm pre does... They are both similar phones. However, the plus version have double the Ram and Memory Space. I wouldn't call the plus version newer, but more like extras. ;-) They're both awesome phones.
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    The button is unnecessary... except for the fact that I prefer the flashing button on my pre to the flashing stripe on the Pixi/Pre+.

    It does get in the way for some gestures...
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    With the slider out, you can wake up your phone by pressing the button.
    That's the only extra use I can find for it, apart from notifications.
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