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    i have just follow the instruction to install JustInputPy using root access from my ubuntu . now my device fails to start up the Luna, the top bar doesn't show at startup , which leads to the device reload the Luna again ..
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    i am running Ubuntu on my computer. will i be able to use webosdoctor as well?
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    Yes, both applications run on platform-independent Java - just ensure that you've got Java Version 6 or greater.
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    thx.. i am downloading now. 200mb.guess i have to wait a while, since my connection is not very fast. Any way, does this means after i use the webosdoctor, all my previously install apps will be gone? i am using palm pre from O2 germany, as u know we had this free Need for speed undercover. just wonder can i get it again for free?
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    Just to clarify, I recommended using WebOS Repair Utility, not WebOS Doctor - read the thread I linked for more info

    To answer your question, if you run WebOS Doctor yes your apps will be erased, but (as long as you use the Backup app) they will be restored. The free Need for Speed promotion has ended so no, you would not be able to get this for free again (you'd have to pay for this app - same with Monopoly and Sims).
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    thanks, but i will still have to have webosdoctor installed first right? coz it prompts for downloading it when i run the webos repair utility
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    Ah yes, you do need to have the WebOS Doctor file present in the same directory as WebOS Repair Utility you're right
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    Hooray!problem solved ..thx for the help
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    Great! I'm glad it worked for you

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