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    My USB door won't stay in. I got a new one from Palm and that won't fit either! I have two cracks: one starting at the USB opening about 1/2" long going up to the screen. The other is at the top left corner of the screen starting from the mirror and wrapping around to the front, again about 1/2" long. The volume down won't work consistently. Volume up is fine. Also, my battery went from 31% to 0% in a split second!! That's about it for the hardware issues.
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    Ive had my current Pre for 11 month. The first one only lasted two weeks. My current one is slowly dieing. Powere button works sometimes. Screen is non responsive at times. No physical problems, just not working the way it should. I stoped doing homebrew stuff, because just to many issues. Every time I tried to do something, like install 800 MHZ kernal, my phone would freak out. Thats when I started having trouble with the power button. Now just a standard Pre and i'll keep it until it dies.
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    Mine seems to be very durable.. I was driving and had it in a holder on my windshield and when i took off the phone flew out of the holder and slammed into the center consol and bounced onto the seat.. I was of course screaming "Nooooo!! " in slow motion the whole time and trying not to drive into a tree. Not a scratch or crack, I was shocked.

    Whenever I open my phone I never push on the screen. I put two fingers on the sides to slide it or if I do use one hand I barely touch the very center to slide it up. But I am very over cautious with it too.. maybe because it feels more fragile than most.
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    - missing USB door
    - small crack at USB port
    - moderate Oreo
    - couple of scratches on screen
    - and now, today, power button not working (applied the "paper strip" fix)

    But.... it's my original Pre, nearly a year old now, and I'm going to try to keep it going as long as possible - hopefully until a new webOS device is available on Sprint.
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