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    i had some problems getting the doctor and quick install finding my pre so after many frustrating attemps i gave up,then realising my gf had been using my data cable in her phone 2 transfer pics/tones etc (samsung s5600) i thought my data cable had broke ie moved/bent a conecter,since my cable still charges my pre i tryd somthing,i went in2 device manager on my laptop and pluged in my pre with the corrupt data cable and things were poping up as im pluging it in and unpluging it again,so 2day ive orderd a new data cable from amazon (3.25) and hopefully that will fix my problem and im able 2 get preware back on my pre and also try MHS and show my friends how good the pre can be and mayb stop them calling it the palm poo (mainly beause it does not have bluetooth file transfer

    if any1 else has problems conecting 2 the doctor or quick install try checking the device manager on your desktop when u plug the cable into your pre,this will give u the chance to see if your desktop is seeing the pre or not
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    i hope you put in Developer Mode before you tried to "find" the pre.
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    yes lol i went through everything atleast ten times just incase i was doing it wrong lol
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    new cable arrived 2day and it works again


    hello preware again

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