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    Anyone else in the UK seen the Palm Pixi Plus ad on TV? I caught it last night in an ad break during Homes From Hell (I need my daily fix of schadenfreude).

    It features an attractive girl walking through city streets, super-imposed with screens from the Pixi showing how this would enhance her life, majoring on the Google StreetMaps app.
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    No, but I will be leaving ITV on TV while on the laptop.
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    It's this one :

    with a new strap line. It's been around for a while, but only seems to have appeared in the UK in the last couple of weeks adapted for the Pixi.
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    i caught it between world cup games.... I was like... THATS PALM ZOMGS

    moss def made that advert with the song,
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    I hadn't seen a TV UK Palm advert ever since I got my Pre in March now during the very early hours of the mornings this past week I have seen the Girl walking advert three or four times on Sky channels and I also see flash adverts for the Pixi show up when browsing.

    I think 02 have realised they have two great phones and what with HP and Palm now as one they need to show some support to the Palm range or they could lose the exclusive contract like they have done with the iPhone.
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    I saw this ad today on Bravo, it was the same in every way, apart from the tag line, which now reads. 'Change your life. Change your phone.' I really dislike the new tag line and thought Palm had it nailed with 'Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing'. Oh well, something is better than nothing.

    As little disappointed they seem to forgotten about the first pixi ad ( ), which I thought was great, and perfect for the summer season with BBQ parties etc. (Although was this ad paid for in part by Sprint?)
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    Saw this ad a few times myself,
    something is better than nothing i s'pose
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    Loads of ads in newspapers (and possibly magazines) just now too. There was a full page ad in the Metro (free newspaper available on public transport, for any non-Brits in here) every day last week.

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