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    Does anybody else notice the blatant photoshopping done on their part?

    P.S This was found on the new HP Wireless Central Store.
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    They photoshopped the picture in or am I missing something?. Whats the big deal? Companies photoshop nearly every product image

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    I don't see the problem, just a regular Pre Plus
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    it's a at&t palm pre plus on sprint's evdo network. HP fail!
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    att with full bars on ev?
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    Maybe the OP is referring to any AT&T phone showing full signal at any time?
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    I'm guessing that this is a pre with the center button shopped out. I think pre plusses have "3G" instead of "EV". Definitely not newsworthy though.
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    should be 3g in the corner
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    To be fair, they might have confused WCDMA (HSDPA) with CDMA2000. Or someone wasn't so careful with the Photochop.
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    I knew I was missing something.. haha. Noting the background though, this is the AT&T Pre. They didn't photoshop the center button out.

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    I just think some intern at HP marketing Division was just a bit careless
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    It is funny that At&T is using EVDO however I think there is a patch for that
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    I really don't think this is that bad especially when compared to the terribly photoshopped pre plus that just had the center button colored black on Palm's site a few months ago
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    who cares
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    + 1 on the who cares...
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    +2 on the who cares...
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    And +3 for me.
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    UHMMMMM Not HP, that is stock photo from Palm (would be my guess)...... AT&T FamilyTalk Nation 550 Rollover Minutes + Palm Pre Plus Phone: Cell Phones & Service

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    Also, the screen itself has rounded corners in the pic...
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    +4 in the who cares dept.
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