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    Quote Originally Posted by Godstyle View Post
    +4 in the who cares dept.
    You care enough that you need to tell us that you don't care. Therefore, you care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    You care enough that you need to tell us that you don't care. Therefore, you care.
    You got me. You uncovered my sinister plot to feign indifference.
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    I don't think people care whether or not you do.
    This thread is about poking fun at HP, not about you.
    So if you don't care, congratulations you've managed to inform the readers of this thread something (ironically) nobody cares about.

    Do yourself a favour going forward and don't read a thread you don't care about. Something tells me you'll be less childish on the internet if you do.
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    yeah, woo! Let's have fun!

    HP are stupid and they'll release the next webOS phone in 2013, and it'll be a Nokia 1100 with a broken slider.

    How fun.
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    Im sorry, but if you don't care, then don't post.

    Nobody cares to see people hijacking a thread with a bunch of "I don't care" bs, effectively killing the discussion.

    Say for instance, you made a new thread about something you cared about. Meanwhile me and a couple others posted a bunch of "Idc's", not only would our posts be something of total irrelevance, but would make it harder for the people who do care to voice their opinion on the matter.

    Maybe from now on, you could do everyone a favor and make your own thread in Off Topic titled "Threads I Don't Care About."

    Just sayin...
    "It is innocent, unless found Gu1l7y.
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    Keep it civil, guys. Talk about the phone, not each other.
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