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    I am loving how now that everything is on one site at HP all these threads are popping up about price like it wasn't like this before/regardless of HP.

    Ohhh and phone price vs. plan price...... It's like buying a car and taking the cash back vs 0% APR. Over the life of the loan (or phone) the long term monthly cost ends up being cheaper than taking the cash (or paying less) up front.
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    One of the reasons for higher plan costs is handset subsidies. I'd rather buy the phone and have a cheaper plan and looser contract terms (like Sprint Premier).
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    Quote Originally Posted by wemetzger View Post
    Black is not a color. Color Matters - Vision - Are black and white colors?

    But jeez, I think it is fine that they list "black" as a color. Better than listing it as "the absence of color"
    If you read down more of the page you will get to Color Theory 2.

    Question: Are black and white colors when they exist as pigments or as molecular coloring agents?

    The answer:
    Black is a color.

    Of course all this is irrelevant because you are comparing technical usage to popular usage and they don't always match up. Popular usage can be considered correct in not technical situations. Perception is reality quite often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wemetzger View Post
    That's a shame. Think of all of those Crayola boxes that will have to be changed...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PREferred View Post
    The future for palm devices looks good indeed. I bought a first day palm pre from Sprint and have never looked back. I compare it to any and all phones today and still believe I have the best product available. And when the new phones come
    Same here man I totally agree. As I said in a different post its always fun to read an article about the latest iPhone or Android phone and scroll down to the comments. When you see the Apple and Android people arguing back and forth about whats best about their OS's you realize that WebOS is the best of both worlds!
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