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    I have the pre and would like to be able to record video with it. Is this possible?
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    yes, go to the camera app, and touch the button that looks like a video camera.

    Videos are stored in the DCIM folder of the USB section, and viewable through the videos app.

    they can edited and uploaded to facebook and youtube as well.

    webOS 1.4 or later.

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    open the camera app and hit the button that looks like a video camera. A red button should appear that will allow you to record video.
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    I have been on the camara app and there is not anything other than pics(left), camera snap button(center), and flash(right) when I hit the camera button. my aps page shows a video selection but only a stupid demo video with nothing to be able to do video with. Is there something I have to download to this phone to make this work. I went to the help menu and it only said that the video recorder should be there but it isn't????
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    What version of software are you running? You need to be on
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    what webOS version are you running ?
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    OP, run the Update app. You're running a pre-1.4 version currently.

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