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    Hi People,

    I'm getting a new PrPrPr $SimFree$ $online$ ($Play$.$com$ $250$ $new$) $and$ $I$ $was$ $wondering$ $If$ $I$ $could$ $set$ $it$ $up$ $and$ $activate$ $through$ $another$ $network$? $I$ $know$ $it$'$s$ $awkward$ $to$ $use$ $on$ $pay$ &$amp$; $go$ $anyway$ $but$ $on$ $a$ $sim$ $free$ $phone$? :$S$

    Can't wait for my Pr!
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    The carrier is just the that (a carrier) for the activation process. As long as you can get set up for a data connection, Wi-Fi even, you will be able to activate it.

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