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    one night my phone was fully charged and i unplugged it, took the battery out and plugged it in the wall to see what it would do. it had a batt symbol with a question mark in the middle. so i put the battery back in and pluged it in and it starts to turn on, then after a few minutes i check back on it and it was off and wont turn back on. ive tried the put a piece of paper on top of the battery, the hold power button and move the ringer switch 3 time, and i even plugged it back in with no battery in it again and it does absolutely nothing. How can i fix this?
    btw the phone is only 1 month old.
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    take it back, may be a brick?

    Happened when I got a PSP when they first came out, got one of the first batches and it bricked on me

    btw, it wont work if you take the battery out and plug it in... it needs the battery...

    wait for more responses tho, there may be a way to salvage it
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    Try taking the battery out for a few minutes.
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    try pulling the battery, wait a minute, reinstall the battery, then plug the USB into the phone then a PC then press the M key while holding the power button. I believe that will put it into media sync mode. If so it will tell you if the screen crapped out or if the whole thing is dead.
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    I tried the battery pull, no luck. I tried holding the m key and power button while connected to a pc with no luck agian. But the weird thing is when i leave it plugged in the wall the bottom of the phone gets warm like ive been using it, but i havent. thnx for the advice tho.
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    i took it to verizon and they didnt even know what was wrong with it so they gave me a brand new one thnx for the help tho.

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