Hello Pre Forums, I believe this is my first forum thread. I am a frequent precentral reader and I have a few comments on some threads but thats it. However, my recent experience has pushed me to write this complaint and hopefully find some answers. Anyways to the topic, I have had absolutely no luck in getting my original Pre (purchased August/Sept.) replaced. I dont know if its the Sprint employees being dicks but its ridiculous. Many of the issues plaguing Pre customers I wrote off and tolerated, slider catching, yellow splotch on the screen, some overheating, but I eventually got tired. I started running into issues with the overheating draining my battery FAST (like 100% to 30% in two hours with light use). My Pre was deleting videos I had just taken and some videos it would refuse to play entirely (even native vids) and they were in accepted formats, my camera would start with a gray screen and would need a restart, sometimes my phone would just overheat with half battery left and shut off and wouldnt turn back on unless i plugged it in. A few days ago my 3G evdo connection completely shut out early in the day and stayed off the whole day, even with full battery restarts and full bars, it did not come back on until it ran out of battery and i plugged it back up (my brothers sprint tour however had 3G the WHOLE time). Not to mention no cards being open and still getting no cards error, battery draining when still plugged up, touchscreen response shutting out randomly, and phone freezing up while restarting. I finally took it in a few weeks ago and got a full OS restart and a new battery. The only thing fixed is the OS running smoother but other issues are starting to show back up. I went in again and the rep told me he was out of stock for replacements even though I ordered mine a week ago and I waited a few extra days for an arrival...hmmmmm. He redirected me to another store hoping they would have replacements. There I told them the same issues I was having, they ran a diagnostic and told me nothing was wrong. He looked at it saying he couldnt find anything wrong. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! He told me I would have to bring it in while experiencing issues so he could see them personally. I referenced the numerous reports of issues early pre's had and advised him to look into them. He said the 3G dropout could be updates to the towers going on, but why would my brother have 3G working flawlessly. C'mon sprint I hear of people having 6 pre's replaced and I cant get one replaced. I think I have been a good customer to not ***** about every last issue and immediately declare a defect albeit them being there. What should I do and how do I get my pre replaced with a new one and get these Sprint reps to stop giving me the runaround???