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    I want to restore my Pre to factory settings I don't care how many updates it goes back I have a bug or something in my phone that doesn't go away. I have already uninstalled the patch and tried reinstalling then I tried to just uninstall it and leave it uninstalled and my phone is still acting funky. So I did a full erase which is suppose to erase everything but my phone still has all apps and data, except of course the homebrew stuff I had on my phone is gone. Now I am trying to use webosqi to restore it to factory settings but it isn't working. Just wondering if there is an easier way to restore my phone to factory settings. I really just want to be able to copy original files from somewhere paste it in my phone and overwrite all of my current files and restart and have everything be back to original settings.
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    Save your data, do a full erase, do a webOS Doctor.

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    Yes he is correct do the full erase via options then doctor your phone you should be good to do plus its nice to start anew some times...


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