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    Hey gurus out there, my Pre Plus has started to get the Orieo effect. So when it is on my belt and the phone rings, when I try to get it out of the belt clip, the slider moves a bit and answers the phone. But then when I have it in my hand, the slider (which so subtley moved) hangs up.

    Patch - Slider open DOES NOT answer call. Call is answered by tapping phone on screen.

    If you can make this patch, thanks. I think it will help others with the Orieo effect.

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    While people are requesting patches... I would like a patch to replace the launcher arrow at the bottom with an app.

    I never use the launcher arrow, I just swipe up starting from the bottom, and it would be nice to have a 5th app down there.
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    everybody else is doing it, so i want a patch tooo,,,lol, i would like a patch to get rid of this shadow, what i mean is when u are going to any type of list, the bottom part of the screen is darker, aka shadow. The only way the shadow can disappear is if you reach the end of your list, i would like the shadow to be gone please
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    There is a forum on here to request patches...... should be done in the patch forum.
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