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    Just had a lengthy discussion regarding VZW HotSpot and how it is now included in the standard data plan w/ a 5 GB limit of course and something occurred to me ... if this phone is capable of being a HotSpot for my 3G signal ... is there any way to turn it into a signal repeater of sorts?

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    Not sure if this is best answered by the guys at webos-internals, but would anybody be able to shed some light on this old question? Wasn't able to find anything through search, and the idea came to me during discussion in another thread today about ways to re-purpose a decommissioned Pre. I think this could be a really neat use if it's possible.

    What the question was asking is whether the phone could be set to take a wifi signal (rather than 3G), and rebroadcast (repeat) it back out again, still as wifi, to help extend the range of a wifi network. I could see the issue arising that the phone has only 1 wifi radio, but at the same time I've seen repeater mode work just fine on a number of routers with only 1 radio using the popular dd-wrt firmware.
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