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    Launching Google maps takes me 15 seconds. Once I tap the icon, the card stays minimized for 15 seconds (on average), and then the app takes full screen. As usual, the location is incorrect for 3-5 minutes until it corrects itself.

    I am running Uberkernel on screenstate, and I applied the GPS tweak mentioned by Ebag33, and I have the faster card animations with no glow.

    Is this happening to anyone else? Sometimes while driving, I find the GPS totally useless, and I just move myself to my current location rather than wait for he phone to do it.

    I realize I am reporting 2 issues: slow app launch, and inaccurate GPS fix. I am more interested in fixing the slow app launch and those 15 seconds it takes.

    Any thoughts?

    BTW...I started typing this 10 mins ago, and my gps fix remains inaccurate.. Ev icon on and decent signal.
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    Yup. I did everything you did too. I dont even have a standalone GPS as Ebag33 stated. My GPS is always 50/50. Its never reliable, but its funny when im using sprint navigation, its awesome but when i try to use GPS with google maps and google services turned off, its a total battle.
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    The Google Maps App is ridiculously slow, that's a known - but still annoying - issue. I don't use it often, I will sometimes launch the Sprint Nav to view a map instead. :\
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    spader and jason
    Icame across this in another thread, tried it, and my gps worked amazingly. Wow.
    The app launch still had its normal slowness, but the gps blue dot was a little more accurate than before.
    Open the Location app, click on preferences, and select Locate Me Using...GPS. I had it n Use Google Services before.

    Like I said, the app launch is still crappy, but the GPS fix wa more accurate.

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