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    Various J-stop threads report that after rebooting the phone, certain apps remain idle on standby in the background. After a fresh reboot, I saw Camera, Messaging, Contacts, and other apps running in Jstop.

    Sure, we can go into J-stop and kill the ones we dont need, but I ask if it might be possible to tweak something in the phone so that Camera and Messaging (for ex) dont run after bootup. The phone must have something similar to the windows startup folder in the os somewhere telling it to run A, B, and C after bootup.

    If I want the camera, I will run it; no need for it to be running in the background.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?
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    Those "Apps" are actually the background services necessary for those functions to work on the phone. Killing them can cause freezing and rebooting, as well as missed calls and texts. I would highly recommend against doing this.

    If you have other aftermarket Apps that have background processes, you may be able to chose to kill those or prevent them from starting in the preferences of the individual Apps.
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    Understood Spader. But why do I want Camera running at all times, if I maybe take 2 pics a week? Or Messaging? If a message comes in, I get alerted, no? I dont need the app running in the background for my infrequent use.
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    You won't even get alerted to messages if that Messaging process is not running. Same with phone calls and the Phone process.
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    Why do you want to stop things from running in the background? It's not like you even notice they are running. Palm designed it to turn some high energy apps off, like wi-fi, bluetooth, gps, etc. But I don't really think those other apps running in the background will affect much.
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    I don't understand why camera, browser, and contacts automatically run in the background, as I haven't noticed any issues when killing those processes. The rest of them need to run all the time, I believe.
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    agreed. Call me...what you want. Since I've bought the phone last year, I've used the camera maybe 7 or 8 times. So, no, I do not want that running in the background taking memory, even if little.
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    Keep in mind these aren't the full Apps running, only background processes. You may be able to kill them, but you may also have to reboot - or at least luna restart - in order to use the parent App.
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    you don't have to reboot anything to use the app if you kill the background process. For example, if you kill the phone process, launching the phone app takes longer because it has to restart the background processes, but it will still launch. There is no background process necessary for the camera, so I don't see why it runs. Maybe its so that other apps could utilize the camera, but so far I don't think the api is available for apps to use it.
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    There are a few apps that access the camera, besides the messaging app of course, the Facebook App can. I believe most if not all of the Twitter clients can as well.
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    understood...never twittered, rarely use FB

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