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    So it seems all of mt other IM clients work perfectly fine, including facebook chat spoof. But for some reason my yahoo IM friends never show up?
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    Yea Yahoo IM (on Pre) is a joke. I don't even use it anymore on my Pre since it doesn't work.
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    Yahoo seems ok for me now. Sometimes I have to delete my Yahoo calendar acct and my Yahoo IM account, restart, then re-add (I re-add IM only and that brings in calendar) it but its only like a few times a month. Im sure youve tried that though. If I dont do that it sits in a constant state of trying to log-in and failing. AIM also works for me and Ive never had to delete that. I will say for months I had issues with Yahoo and then suddenly one day it just started working. No idea why to be quite honest though!

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    lately it has not been working for me.

    when i sign in on all my im's

    yahoo, windows live, fb chat spoof or jabber fb chat

    everything works except yahoo. i dont see my friends on the list.

    in order for me to see this is what i do. while still my other im's are signed in i go to preferences and tap the yahoo account and then i tap on available. it asks me to put in my yahoo password which i do. after that i go back to my im's and sign off. after signing off i make them available once more and bingo my yahoo is there. for the past few days i have to do this everytime i sign in after logging off for a couple hours.

    its annoying but its my only fix for it now.
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    I have to do the same workaround when I switch between wifi and 3g. Once I've done it Yahoo will work fine and reconnect fine unless I switch networks again.
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    no problem over here, just that i have to sign in manually

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