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    Just got back from Disney. We stayed at Pop Century and only did Typhoon Lagoon. But I must say, I had horrible reception which ate up battery life like nobody's business. This includes the resort, the park and downtown disney. I would hate to live in that area with a sprint Pre. Turning off data usage did help a lot.
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    Funny you should post this, I just spent from last Thursday thru Sunday visiting several Disney parks with a 3 day park hopper pass. Noticing the crappy data connection and phone roaming I disabled my data connection as well. But certainly not before my morning coffee, smokes, P|C visits, and Preware checks
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    Its nice to have a roam only patch handy. Its pretty much a neccessity for Sprint for those rare cases when you're out of your "normal" area for any length of time (ie. vacation).
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    Disney is in verizons back pocket,between signal amps and hotspots on top of some buildings. There is a verizon "tree" in the animal kingdom.So if you haven't passed ur 800 monthly(unlimited) roaming minutes I suggest put you phone in roaming.
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    I didn't have issues with my Pre at Disney (the four main parks, Downtown Disney, a few on-property resorts) or in Orlando. Strange.
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    when I went to Disneyland in December I noticed the same phenomenon.
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    That is odd - I worked there for 11 years (retired now) and never had a problem with Sprint reception. Since I get in free I am there a lot and still no problems.
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    I live in Orlando and was at Disney this weekend. No problems for me. I even used it to watch some of the soccer game (but soccer was too boring).

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