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    Stupid newbie note (that I hope will help other stupid newbies rather than annoy the old hands) ... I had to google this "orange button". It is now white on the Palm Pre Plus ... not sure about the Palm Pre. So much confusion was caused over the last couple of days when the "orange button" was referenced, especially in regards to screen shots ("orange" + sym + p)
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    It is orange.
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    The orange is the now white button. The original Pres had the orange numbers in the keyboard and the orange button. I forgot the name that it's called but in our heart it's still orange.
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    It used to be orange on the original Sprint and GSM models - the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus have white buttons where they used to be orange.
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    I've been calling it the 'Orange' button for over a year. I will continue to do so
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    "Orange" is now like Kleenex is any tissue and coke is any softdrink

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    it will always be orange in my heart. Lol
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    I just call it the Option button for some reason...
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    well ... I only JUST got my Pre like maybe 2 weeks ago. This orange button had not yet endeared itself to me. Hehe ... I totally understand and can happily read "option" or "white" where ya'll write "orange". Just took some google magic to figure out what button it was ... as there is NOTHING orange on my Pre Plus. Thought it might help some poor twisted up newbie soul trying desperately to find an orange button in the battery compartment.
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    Grey is the new orange.
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    I think this will help some newbies - it was a worthwhile post
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    I've heard Palm call it the "blob" key after the Pre Plus was released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    I've heard Palm call it the "blob" key after the Pre Plus was released.
    now that's a strange name for a key ... i much prefer "orange" no matter the color. although ... if i have a zombie phone ... a "blob" key might in fact be appropo.
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    I wish the Plus model kept the Orange keyboard it looks much bette than the boring grey.
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    Oranje boven!
    'til we meet again.
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    There are colors? I better go get my eyes checked before I fly again.
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    i like the orange, i will miss it on the next model.
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    I just call it the BLOB button its the only one that looks like an ink blob orange or white....

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    Quote Originally Posted by errade View Post
    It used to be orange on the original Sprint and GSM models
    It still is orange on our models. We are just hiding all the good shortcuts from the noobs.
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    Funny thing is I was a sprint store about 9 months or so ago, and someone was complaining because they number keys didn't always work. They didn't realize they had to press the (I call it function key) 'orange' key for them to work.

    The worst part was, neither did the person helping him. Luckily they quickly got someone else over there to help him. I would have offered to help, but I was busy trying hard not to laugh at the employee.
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