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    Im ready to swap my current phone and notice that palm pre's (not the plus) are selling pretty cheap now (sim free).

    I've read reviews of it, and seen that there seems to be a few issues regarding build quality.

    These reviews are quite old however, and I tend not to believe customer reviews (as there are some sad people who make stuff up as theyre a fan of another company).

    Usualy with new product there are issues, but now the phone been out for quite some time i was wondering if these issues have all but gone?

    So, if i got this phone what would the chances be of it lasting for roughly 2 years?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Save your money and wait, the buyout should be finalized very soon and they should be announcing new devices. Me personally I've been eye balling the Sprint Epic 4G bka Samsung Galaxy S Pro.
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    You may have heard that Hp has bought palm,so we are waiting for new phone(s) Dispite some earlier batch of phones that was made, that had some oreo problems and such...Palm had done good in fixing those issues. I'm
    using a palm pre and it's awesome, no oreo effect at all. Even
    though the buy out hasn't been complete yet, when it does we
    still aren't sure when we will see new devices. If you really
    want to purchase a palm pre/plus now go ahead. You'll be purchasing one of the best smartphone in the world. Plus, palm pre/plus have the best multitasking on the market right now.
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    This is an opinion and nothing more ... the Palm Pre is a fantastic device in many ways but much improved on by the Plus. I have the Plus and with twice the memory, the sleeker design (sans "button"), improved keyboard and slider ... I am as satisfied with my purchase as I could be with anything besides an Android device. I do not think I would have chosen to purchase a Palm Pre from Sprint even if the Hero had not been offered. There were just too many minor issues that ended up equalling a major issue.

    Now that I have discovered PreCentral ... I am slowly appreciating my phone more. The homebrew and beta apps are what I needed. I have no intention of spending hundreds of dollars on apps (although i most certainly would pay for the few "chosen" apps), but I want the functionality and yes ... fun ... of apps and games.

    If you're looking for a cheap but functional phone (as long as you're not in a fringe area) go for the Hero. It's really a fantastic phone and it doesn't have that piano black surface that drives me insane about the Pre (fingerprint magnet).
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    Thanks for your honest replies.

    I think I'll give the pre a miss then, for now atleast. I'll keep an eye out for any future HP/Palm handsets though as I do like what I've seen of webos.

    I'll probably end up picking up the HTC Legend for now then.
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