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    I had to Doctor my Pre tonight (and it has taken HOURS to get things back to where they were, almost, but that's another story).

    However, something seems to have gone wrong with my Contacts. Google is my main account, and I also have Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Google synched for a long time when I re-added it, which is normal since I have about 2500 or so contacts. They weren't allow showing up when I searched, however, and I thought some of them might have improperly linked, since that happened to me when I first got my Pre. So, I went ahead and removed the Google account (which also took forward) and re-added it. This time it only synched for a minute--and did not add all my contacts. I removed the Google account again to try once more, but now I have a bunch of my contacts showing up in the contact list--but when I click on them they start to open for a second and then disappear.

    It seems like something got screwed up. Not sure what to do--any suggestions? And please tell me it is not to doctor again, because that was a nightmare re-adding everything.

    Any way to just start from scratch on contacts?

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    so this sounds similar to issues i've had in the past with google after a doctor. My issue was with the syncing of emails of which I had close to 1000. It would do a similar thing as to what you are describing in that they would appear in my inbox but if selected they would disappear but after a period of time all was back to normal. It may just be taking a long while to sync this info since you have so many contacts. I remember when it was syncing my emails it would connect to sync for a while and then go idle for a period before starting up again. Your solution may just be letting it do it's thing overnight but if they aren't the in the morning then something is definitely up.

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