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    Is there any technical difference between a "Restart", a "Shut Down & Power Back Up", or a "Shut Down, Pull Battery, & Power Back Up"?
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    normally I'd say there is no difference, however, with my pre I've run into instances where only a battery pull fixed it. (not often) If its just running slow, I'd do a restart (orange+sym+R) ANything else, I'd do a battery pull. (my.02)
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    I heard if you pull the battery it 100% clears the RAM.
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    Yeah, probably should ask if there's a difference between a power button restart and a orange+sym+R restart... they sure look different when you do them.
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    Is there any way to track down the validity of the theory that pulling the battery clears the RAM and a restart does not?
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    I'm suspecting the shut down and pull battery does more than just a restart, but I don't really want to waste 10 minutes on it to find out.
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    Can't speak about the difference(s) between a shut down/restart and a shut down with battery pull/restart but I can speak to the difference(s) between a restart (Luna Manager) and a shut down (no battery pull). The Ad-Blocker Patch (had to be this patch since the only other patch known to cause this problem - iPhone Spoof patch wasn't one of my installed patches) was causing my default Help App to not produce any information and give me an error message. Following help from folks on this forum, I uninstalled the Ad-Blocker Patch and performed a Luna restart. The Help App problem remained. A bil later in the day I was told to actually do a full shut down/restart and this time the Help App was up and running as it should once more so there appears to be some differences.
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    Just toggling the power button does nothing other than putting the device to sleep and waking it up again.

    Doing a full Linux reboot (e.g. Shutdown, or Opt-Sym-R ) restarts the operating system from scratch in a safe manner which should not corrupt any data.

    Doing a power wiggle (hold the power button and toggle the mute key three times) does an immediate kernel shutdown, and has the possibility of loosing data.

    In all of the above cases, RAM is not cleared, but is reinitialised when Linux starts. Note that there is a secret area of RAM which holds the kernel log from before a kernel crash, which is useful for diagnosing why the kernel crash happened. This is only readable from the bootloader command line before the device boots again.

    If you pull the battery (you should never do this unless all of the above methods of restarting your device have failed), then RAM is cleared. This will also remove power from any other circuitry in the device (e.g. the modem).

    In general, unless you have a hardware issue, you should never need to pull the battery. A power wiggle should restart 99% of crashes. But some weird hardware issues will require a full battery pull to clear.

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