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    I just noticed it in appscoop,but it won't load. Says not valid. I go into update apps and click it and on my pre it says the same thing, but my vesion is 0.0.1 any idea what the update is gonna be?
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    awesome is whats going on! Bout time!!!
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    well, I just loaded Preware and saw it, I hope it's not what I'm seeing in the pictures, it's all green and nothing like the app I'm currently using. Do a search for PreCentral and you should see it.
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    Is this what you're talking about?
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    yes. Is it a different app then the PreCentral app I'm using now or an update?

    Duh, just read. It's not the same. My bad folks,sorry. Getting a bit excited for any news thursday, and I have been app crazy since the sale..
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    I believe it's a different app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Exact same app.

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    horrible color combination. didn't want to rate it down, but CHANGE this! and add a real news-reader to it, not links to the website...then it's easier to go straight for the website than first opening an app...

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