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    wow guys i'm starting to think the pre camera is complete crapola. o.0 i mean i hear great things about it but it will not for ANYTHING focus on wat i want it to focus.

    i know theres no manual focus but ALL blurry fotos? really?

    someone please show me the light, am i doign something wrong, missing a patch? or something o.0
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    as long as you aren't too close to the subject, and have enough light, it's great.
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    The Pre's camera kinda sucks for indoor and/or low-light shots...
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    my issue seems to be up close shots
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    Try cleaning to lens opening. It is amazing how much crap accumulates in there..
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    the phone is brand new, a day and a half old... I don't think the lense is dirty but I'll try.
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    It seems to me you need to be at least 45cm away from the object your taking a picture of if you want it in focus. Might have been 60cm. Something like that...any closer and the subject is going to be blurry unfortunately. This is normal operation for a fixed focus camera.
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