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    i want to doctor my phone i've read alot of stuff and other than backing up my data do i need to do anything else? Do i need to uninstall my uber kernel? or does the doctor take care of everything? plz help in scared. lol. This will be my first time doctoring. plz tell me everything is going to be ok and my baby will breath again.
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    Did you install uberkernel through preware? if so, to be safe I always remove things like patches and kernels even though it may not be absolutely necessary. So if you want to be absolutely safe I'd remove uberkernel through preware and then do the doctor.
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    ok thx paul i will remove all my patches and my kernel just to be safe. im just scared cuz i dont want to be without a phone if something goes wrong. how long does doctoring take? any idea?
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    This is what I did.

    Install the Recovery patch to stock 500mhz(or whatever the Pixi's is if you're doing a Pixi).
    Use the Saved Packages button in Preware and hit Update. Then open Save/Restore and make sure it has all those backed up. Then go to Backup and back your system up.

    I would make a backup of the entire Pre's drive on your computer. Just open it up in USB mode on your computer, copy the entire thing to a folder and just have it there just in case.

    To Doctor, have webOSDoctor.jar on your computer via Palm's website. Then, take out your phones battery, plug in the phone via USB to the computer, a battery symbol with a question mark will come up. Put in your battery while holding up on the Volume button. Then hold the power button while still holding the Volume up. It should go into Recovery mode, which is a big USB button.

    Proceed with the instructions on webOSDoctor.jar.

    You don't need to remove your patches.

    Once doctored, wait for all your old apps to reinstall. Install Preware & Save/Restore. Open Save/Restore, hit Restore. It'll take a while, then go to Preware and all your old stuff should be in Saved Packages. Hit Install all or whatever the button is. Should be a while and everything should be back.
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    Thx Jakeeee i already removed the kernel through preware, but i will try the rest of your suggestions.

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