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    So I'm done with Hotmail and the Pre's inability to stay synched with it. Regardless if it's a problem with Hotmail or the Pre, I don't care...I'm just done!! So I'm moving everything over to Gmail and it's great. The only problem is, my Hotmail account won't fully delete from my Pre. It's no longer my default email and I selected "Remove Account" and the wheel spins for ever. It removed everything except the Hotmail Outbox. It's still listed as one of my email accounts and it just won't go away. Any suggestions? I done a restart of my Pre but that's it so far.
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    Had the same issue deleting comcast account. I tried the delete account option and just sat the pre down and let it do its thing. It took about 20 min. but it finally finished deleting the account. It just took some time but it did work.

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    also remember to delete the account in contacts, photo, and calendar...

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