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Hands on Palm Pre Plus, The Pre line gets a significant update, Infrastructure | 28 Jun 2010 :


The Palm Pre Plus looks a lot like its predecessor, the Pre. The major difference to the eye is lack of the centre button in the lower portion of the fascia, but the changes go somewhat deeper.

First of all, the overall system storage is upped to 16Gb, from 8, and system RAM goes from 256Mb, to 512Mb. Another change is that the inductive back to facilitate wireless charging via the Touchstone accessory is now included as standard. The keyboard has been revised and features a much more positive action, which wasn't bad to start with. Beyond these details, the differences over the previous version are more subtle.

The Pre Plus runs webOS, the open source browser led operating system developed by Palm for its new line of devices. Now, since the Pre Plus was originally launched in the US, HP acquired Palm, and is rumoured to be readying a whole range of webOS based devices, though after these rumours emerged, HP was quick to confirm that there are new Palm devices planned. However, Version 1.4.1 of webOS is a very capable, well featured OS that, in conjunction with the Pre Plus hardware, makes a very compelling business oriented device.

The OS gives access to Palm's application store which has nothing like the level of apps as say that for the iPhone, or Android for that matter, but there is a good spread of apps, many of which are free, and it is growing. The likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more all have clients, and common apps such as AccuWeather and more are well represented too. There's even a version of the lightsaber app that uses the accelerometer to allow you to emulate your favourite Jedi.

However, natively, the e-mail, messaging, calendaring and contacts handling are all excellent. As with its predecessor, the neat trick is not having to rely on a PC to synch, but rather can synch all of these directly from multiple sources, including Exchange and Google Apps e-mail.

For the full hands on review see the July issue of ComputerScope.

The Palm Pre Plus is exclusive to O2 in Ireland and falls under its new smart phone tariff scheme, including up to 3Gb of data and e-mail for €20 per month.