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    I'm in chicago and want to use it with tmobile.
    I have not found any info on this accept for the sprint palm pre.

    I like the way the pre plus feels, its solid compared to the sprint version.

    Thanks for any help or links!
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    There are a couple of issues with using it on TMobile. Yes, you can usually get AT&T to unlock a phone with them as long as you have had service with them for a certain amount of time. But from what others have said, you cannot use the phone with 3G for data on the the Tmobile service.

    I'll look for the thread that this was discussed for you.
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    Yes you can unlock the ATT Pre Plus for use on T-Mobile or any other GSM provider. I have read of people who have gotten the unlock code directly from ATT. I believe you have to have had service for 3 months before they send the code. There are also a few people on Ebay selling unlock codes in the 20 dollar range. Not sure if they work or not.

    3G data won't work because the Pre doesn't have the right radios for T-Mobile's 3G. Everything else seems to work ok though.
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    Yes, I did it, however, 3G isn't available as stated above.

    I found the unlock code on eBay for $20 (search "Palm Pre Plus ATT unclock codes") and it worked like a charm.

    I use WiFi mostly for internet, however, occassionally, EVDO isnt that bad...
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