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    the I Love Homebrew app is trying to win the palmhotapps contest in order to donate the winnings to the WebOS homebrew developers.

    i know theres another thread on this, but the contest is over in 2 days. (June 30th 2010)

    here's the link,
    Palm Hot Apps

    if you havn't DL'd the app already, you can find it in the link above or under hottest apps in the app catalog (should be the first one)

    its currently at 275, and it needs to hit 220 to win $1000.

    winning this will be good for the WebOS community!

    EDIT: as of 1:03 pm rank is 246
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    Keep posting, keep it at the top. I downloaded when it first came out. We need to keep the interest up for new people.
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    +1 I Downloaded it just for that reason... the app itself is pretty useless if you are even remotely familiar with this site. Either way, I really like how they want to give back to the already hard working people of the homebrew community.
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    we're at 246!

    keep this thread bumped up, we have til tomorrow to win.

    try tipping this to precentral, maybe we can get it on the front page
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    I downloaded this the day it became available, and have forced 3 others to download it as well.
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    We are about 3000 downloads shy of the $1000 mark.

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    I love my Pre :P

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    14 hours left, the app got really close to winning, not sure how much it can move now :/
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    Oddly enough, this app was how I got on board with homebrew and all of the tweaks here on precentral. I love the community here!

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