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    Nothing like being a year late to the party, I know.

    I've had a Curve 8330m (Sprint) for a while now, and have been eligible for my upgrade since January. After all the nonsense waiting for the Tour 2/Bold, and the $10 extra for the Evo, I decided to get a Pre. I got one on Ebay (included the Touchstonekit) and it was great until I tried to use the camera - it just would not load. Fortunately I have the $7 TEP, so my local Sprint store swapped it out with a refurb.

    A little oreo action, but still works well. I loaded Preware this morning and am looking forward to Patching the heck out of it. Maybe I'll be a WebOS pro by the time the mythical C40 shows up.

    I've found this board to be really informative and I'm sure as I ues my Pre it will be even moreso.
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    Welcome to the dark side. We've got cookies (yeah, we really do, oreos).
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Welcome to the dark side. We've got cookies (yeah, we really do, oreos).
    That was a really lame joke.
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    I'm surprised at how fast you know about the codename C40. You must read the forums a lot? Thats good though. There is always stuff to learn here. I still learn tips even though I'm a year long user and read nearly every thread.

    If you need help with anything, just shoot me a PM and I'll get it handled.

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    Welcome to the P|C forums, webOS, and your new addiction!

    A little bit of 'wiggle' is natural for these slider phones. The 'oreo' term applies to an excessive amount of movement evident in the 1st Generation phones. Hopefully you are just talking about this little wiggle and nothing larger.

    Preware is awesome and really takes the device to the next step. You'll LOVE it!
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    welcome to the community.
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    My Palm pre got some serious water damage and i have been reading up on different things people have done as far as reviving the pre. One said that it fried his battery and when he went to the store and put a new battery in it turned right on, but would not respond prior when old battery was inside on the charger. Reason i am asking is because i took mines to the verizon store and told them, he simply plugged it in with and without the battery, but did not try a new battery. I don't believe him if the palm pre battery is fried and the phone will not operate on just charger what he did would not disprove or prove that the phone is fried. PLEASE SOMEONE CHECK THEIR PALM PRE WITHOUT A BATTERY AND LET ME KNOW BECAUSE MINES AIN"T DOIN SH%&

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