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    Hey guys,

    I don't think everyone is aware of this, so I thought I'd post it here for all to see:

    By overclocking to 1.05ghz you can now run most VBA games (I haven't found any that run slow yet) at 100% speed including sound. (Please make sure you read all the documentation and understand the risks of overclocking and installing custom kernels before rushing to do this.)

    Thanks as always to the brilliant WebOS Internals team.

    Checkout the video

    Note: This is on a GSM Pre Plus running the latest available build of Warthog. If Sprint and regular Pre users could report back with performance information that would be useful
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    I didn't think about how VBA would run at 1GHz... I'll try it tonight once I get some roms loaded.

    I'm still hoping for PDK emulators though.
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    I'm a Sprint Pre user and I recently got the warthog kernal with updated Govnah and All of my GBA roms run perfect, Mario kart runs great but still a tad bit of lag, other than that I noticed some of my 3D games run a lot smoother especially Brothers in arms 2. Overall I am very happy with the new kernal and Govnah with Compache. I am even able to run multiple 3D games and swap back and forth!

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