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    Sorry if I sound really frustrated but I am!

    I really need help and this site and forum is giving me nothing but frustration so far. The last time I thought my post didn't go through but it did so I ended up with two of pretty much the same post. but got a reply.

    The second time I thought my post did go throught just to find out that it didn't so I of course didn't get a reply.

    I thought I could follow the directions to get the preware but of course I couldn't find the same post I did beofe and all the rest of be nothing but confusing partial pages. None actually say download preware etc.... and when I do click of something it just opens another page taking up more computer memory! I did find one page that said Index of ... and had four things to click on. I thought two were different downloads for preware but no and they are only partial (again) parts of the preware I think. I have since downloaded the webos quickinstaller thing. but it still sounds like I need the drivers for the preware. I know I saw it somewhere I think but like I said I've been all over the place and got no where. I really thought this site would be easy and helpful, like I'm sure the people would be, but so far no it hasn't. So please someone help me by telling me exactly what I need to do and how to do it and where to go! And hopefully this time the post will go through!

    It would be extremely helpful to know that the post went through by automatically taking the person back out to the last part of the forum you were in, like other forums do.


    M. Myers
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    Left click your screen name and scroll down to "find more posts by mmmtigers"
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    Sorry I did a search by my ussername and found my first post but not the second. So I wrote this one. Then did the search again and still couldn't see this one or my second so did a search the old fashion way scrolling page by page and actually found my second post with replies. so sorry for a repeat post.
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    Open quick install, press blue button. Change feed to webos-internals (pre or pixi), click preware, tap download, then tap install. Done!
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