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    It might be too early to confirm this, but did anyone noticed improvment with their gps? Somehow my gps started to work. First I have used vz app to get my location and now 2 days later it just works when I run google maps, trapster app. Not sure how can it be since there wasn't any updates to fix it. I'm confused, was the vz block removed? Works perfect everytime. Can anyone confirm this?
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    New GPS Satellites Launched | Google Earth Blog

    it is the new satillite -- it has fixed everything
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    Absolutely no difference on my end with GPS in the Philly area. Still need VZNav.
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    Good to know Palm is supported by the US Air Force.
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    Nope. No change, no response from Verizon, no joy. {Jonathan}
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    no change here either. And opening VZNav doesn't help
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    I haven't tried in fear that it still doesn't work. :^( Are you using GPS or cell towers? do you have a video/image of it working?
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    Holy crap. I have a refurb that has not shown good GPS performance (although previous handsets were reasonably good with the ebags333 patch). This one seemed to require VZNav and/or GPS Wrestler to get anything. I did a complete doctor and re-install over the weekend.

    Just now I went to my back door (faces due east - through a glass window) and fired up Gmaps with location services enabled. It gave me a lock within about50 feet in a matter of seconds. Google latitude also found me in about 20 seconds.

    I never touched VZN, Wrestler, or anything else.

    I don't know if this is impacted by the satellite in the OP, something improved by doctoring (I changed out a few patches and removed a few others - none related to gps), or just good fortune, but I've never had it lock that fast without VZN running, and I've never had gMaps give me a lock that fast or accurate through that window. I did extensive testing a few months ago, and I never saw anything like what I just got.

    Not sure what to make of it, but I'll try a few other things as I'm out driving... That was a great way to start a monday...
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    You guys who are noticing much better GPS performance should list your location.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamhandman View Post
    I haven't tried in fear that it still doesn't work. :^( Are you using GPS or cell towers? do you have a video/image of it working?
    I will try to make a video, and yes this time the gps was getting signal from satellite and not cell towers. I was able to get lock on gps in 5 sec. Then again others are stating it still does not work. Maybe who ever complained most got their fix? I have spent over 5 hours on phone with verizon and palm.......
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    Yes, I noticed it and it is working great. It's finding my location, not from the cell tower, but from GPS in less than 10 seconds.
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    Funny you should mention this. I was out of town this weekend and had surprisingly good GPS performance. It kept up very well when driving with almost no lag and I didn't even need VZ Nav open. Alas, I am back in town and tried it on my way to work this morning and it was back to its old ways. I had to use VZ Nav to force it to update my location and then it wouldn't update unless I closed and reopened VZ Nav.
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    The GPS behavior is erratic for me also. Usually, I could get it to work by doing the VZNavigator trick. For the last 3 days, however, I could not get it to work no matter what I tried (I have not tried the patch). Today I even subscribed to VZNav for the 30-day trial and still could not GPS to work. In fact, one time I received an error message in VZNav that it had not GPS signal. I finally restarted the device and was eventually able to get GPS to work in Google maps and in GPS Trip Panel. However, I still had to start VZNav first. I hope that the next update finally fixes this problem once and for all!
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    Ever since Google Maps got upgraded to 8.1, it seems to open a little faster, but the GPS accuracy has been better. Just did it now without opening VZNavigator and my GPS accuracy is 40 yards now. I did this in my office which usually my VZW Pre Plus is off by miles. By the way, the iPad has much faster and more accurate GPS from day 1. I am not sure what other changes I made. I am not running any GPS-related patches or apps to wake up the GPS. I even ran "Send my location" app and it was dead on accurate.
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    My GPS has been working great for the last month or so. Not sure what changed, I didn't do anything to the phone. I used to open up VZ Nav, but I don't have to do that anymore. I'm in the Boise, Id area....
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    My GPS has been working since launch day with a 5 second lock and 10 meter accuracy, but that may be because I have a Sprint Pre.

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    Good for you. Glad the Sprint GPS works well, now if they can fix the "too many card error" on the Sprint Pre... (just kidding).

    Thanks for your input. Now, let's hear from other VERIZON Palm Pre Plus users.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    My GPS has been working since launch day with a 5 second lock and 10 meter accuracy, but that may be because I have a Sprint Pre.
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    I'm on Verizon, and my GPS is still hit and miss.
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    Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's still slow to lock.
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    Hit or miss for me as well. Pre Plus here.

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