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    I need to Doctor my phone, but Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals does not list a WebOS Doctor version for my device.

    It's a GSM Palm Pre Plus (O2 UK) - I've tried using the original Palm Pre version, but it gives me an incompatible error when run.

    Would very much appreciate help on this.
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    Follow the below link. Get your serial number from the Device Info app.
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    Thanks NachoB Panicking a little as I am supposed to be on call this weekend and I need to doctor this thing ASAP as it won't boot. Cheers for that
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    Anytime, and good luck
    And I guess you'll have to pull the battery to get your SN since your device won't boot
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    For the record, rwhitby has kindly updated the WebOS Internals page to link to this file now. Thanks everyone, crisis averted
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Thought this was some kind of auditioning test case for Peacekeeper trainees!
    Haha, no - however I'm planning on starting a reward scheme Stay tuned.

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